Valentine Sketch Books

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My three kids are all so different from each other, but they have one thing in common:  they love to draw.  Over the years I have bought countless art pads, notebooks, crayons and pencils, because they just can’t get enough.  Peanut draws elaborately detailed  bunnies planting flags on Iwo Jima, or doing a lapine version of the Birth of Venus (I kid you not); Lamb makes cartoons and designs video game characters with clean lines and small precise sets of ninja gear; Binx sketches fashions with moody looking models and enviable curves.  I am in awe, because this a a talent they did not get from me.  They inherited this from Handsome who can draw anything .

When I was making the art wallets for the school bazaar, Binx and Lamb both wanted me to make “big kid” art wallets for them.  I had planned to make some in time to pop into their Christmas stockings, but, as always, time got away from me.  The day before Valentine’s, while looking at the sketch books and pencils I’d ordered and never used, I decided that Valentine Art Books seemed like a good idea.  In retrospect, making 3 in 24 hours was probably NOT.

First I had to decide how to personalize them for each.  Miss Peanut is easy – anything with a bunny – so I appliquéd the front with a design I found at Wolf and Willow, reducing the rabbit to about 60%.  Since it looked a bit Easter-y I added a heart.  Binx is a Whovian – that’s a Dr. Who fan she informs me – the one geeky chink in her otherwise cool teen armor.  As soon as I saw the Dr. Who Quilt Along, I knew she would want me to sew her a tardis, but there is no way I was going to make her an entire Dr. Who quilt!  So, I reduced the block to 50% and got started.  What was I thinking?  At full size this is a really elaborate paper pieced block – at half sized it’s insanity!  We’re talking teeny tiny pieces and 1/8″ seam allowances. Someday I will actually think a project through…maybe.  At least she claims to love it.

I couldn’t find Lamb’s sketchbook in his mess of a room to take a photo.  Maybe I’ll be able to post one later.   It’s a small version of the block I made for this pillow:

Image 12
His gaming name involves a polar bear.  In order to make it “non-cute” the aqua background was changed to black (no snowflakes) and the bear now has a navy camouflage scarf cut from one of Bill’s old uniforms.  This pattern comes from here.

UPDATE:  Oh look!  He found it amid the squalor!:


I measured the books and added seam allowances and, flaps and a pocket to hold colored pencils on the back.  Really these would be pretty quick to make in plain fabrics without the paper piecing.  Maybe next time I’ll come up with a project idea ahead of time.  I finished the last one of these 15 minutes before I left to go out to Valentine’s dinner!

What’s in Your Wallet?

My wallet’s full of crayons  – and I’ve got loads of them…

Image 5 Image 6

These sold so well on Saturday of last year’s bazaar that I had to go home early and make 10 more to sell on Sunday.  We won’t talk about the part where I stitched half of those upside down, and no one wanted to buy them, and some know-it-all PTO mothers made snide remarks, and I narrowly avoided smacking them.   This year, I’m older and wiser (ha!) and just made 25 of them ahead of time.  I’m proud to say they’re all right side up, too!

They’re from a pattern I purchased here.