Use it Up!

I think most quilters hate throwing out scraps, so we collect drawers full of them.  For me, those scraps include leftover quilt batting.  Since you need to leave a border in your quilt sandwich there are always lots of extra batting pieces left behind when you trim up the final quilt.  I can’t bear to throw them out and I tell myself I’ll make coasters.  Lots of coasters!  But I never do…

A while back, I took an hour to get those scraps organized and it’s made a big difference.  I sorted them roughly by size and then quickly measured them and labeled them.  I mean quickly, too.  I was only looking for an “at least” measurement – I didn’t stop to square them up or get precise.  I threw out any scraps that weren’t at least 4″ wide.


I folded each scrap into whatever way it would best fit into the plastic shoeboxes I already had and then pinned a sticky note with their size on.


I sorted them by width, so I’d be able to go back and grab just what I need for a small quilting project.  I’m happy to report that it was worth it!  I am using up those scraps on lots of small projects I was making anyway, like zippy bags and purse straps.  I love that I can open the batting cupboard without it all falling out on me, too!




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