Compose Yourself.

Time for a little Etsy shop sewing:

Composition Books

Spent the weekend making quilted composition book covers.  I love the way they have enough surface area to highlight a great fabric and they’re not hard to make.  It’s the kind of project that makes a great gift for so many different types of people just by modifying the fabric choices.

When I started making them I used a great tutorial at Ellison Lane, and I’ve adapted it to suit my style.  My version has pockets on the interior flaps and I omit the ribbon.  I often piece an accent fabric with my main fabric.  I also like to round the corners to reduce bulk .

Because these are a sort of blank canvas, it’s fun to experiment.  I used some colorful triangles left over from another project and raw appliquéd them to one.  Since a covered notebook will get some handling, I quilted this one in a tight grid that you can see in the upper left photo.  The triangles will fray with use and gain texture, but they should stay put for the most part.

See that amazing jelly fish journal?  That’s a great block print done by my sister-in-law at SentimentalAsylum.  I’ve put this one on sale, but I have to make another for myself because I love this so much.  Actually, she has so many great prints that I’d like a journal made from each of them, especially her sweary ones! I’m also proud that I have managed to overcome my fear of cutting into the fabrics she printed for me!

Need a gift for yourself or someone you love?  They’re in the shop.  Happy sewing!

UPDATE:  Adding the cover below to The Bluebird Sew Off.

Composition Book Cover with Cotton & Steel Octopus Pearl

Composition Book Cover with Cotton & Steel Octopus Pearl

PS.  I’m linking the Rainbow Triangle Notebook to Scraptastic Tuesday:


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