Spent yesterday making some new Family Passport Holders for my Etsy shop. These are great for keeping everyone’s passports together on international trips.  I’d sold out of all the large ones I’d originally made (yippee!).


I started with a really great pattern sold by Amber of One Shabby Chick Hawaii, but I’ve given it quite a few mods for sewing ease, mostly.  I find installing snaps fiddly , so I’ve switched out snaps for velcro, and instead of a wraparound skinny strap, I prefer a wide short strap.  It holds everything just as well, but takes less time to close back up at the airport.  This project has a lot of bulk what with all the pockets and interfacing, so I find it much easier to get a nice result by rounding the corners using a thread spool as my template before stitching.  It reduces the corner bulk nicely when turned right side out and makes topstitching easier.  I also use a heavy interfacing  just on the strap and exterior fabric to give the wallet more structure when empty.  I don’t want it to feel flimsy when customers pick it up before they’ve added their passports.

I think it took me almost as much time to photograph and list these on Etsy than it did to make them!  I’m awful at photo editing and uploading!  Putting our passports into each of these in order to photograph them made me nostalgic for our travels as we haven’t used them in over a year.  I do wish we could use them more – without an overseas move!

Need a passport wallet for up to 6 family members?  Try Amber’s pattern or pick up one ready-made in my shop.



Snowed In

When it looks like this outside, there’s no excuse for not getting some sewing done!  I’ve been chain piecing for hours and days working on my Postage Stamp Quilt.


I’m not done piecing all those strips together yet, but I’ve already got enough squares to fill up my design wall.  When I slapped up the first 3 or 4 squares, I have to admit I was thinking “Eyesore!” but now that more of the squares are on the wall, it’s really grown on me.  Scrap quilts are greater than the sum of their parts.  I like all that color, but I think in future I’d also like to try a scrap quilt with a more limited color palette, too.  The only rule I had when cutting for this one was no black, brown, or gray (though there are little bits of it in some of the prints).


Still haven’t figured out how big I want this one to be.  I’ll have to see how many squares I end up with when all the piecing is finished.  I have lots of ideas for any orphan blocks.  Table runners? Accent strips on bags?  The possibilities are many!


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Scraptastic Tuesday

Postage Overdue

When I’m working on a project I throw all my useable scraps into one metal bin and tell myself that I’ll sort those into their scrap drawers as soon as I’m done.  It’s a lie.  The scraps actually pile up in the bin as one project turns into the next. From there they spill onto a chair, and then the floor, and then someone plans to visit, and only then do I start sorting frantically so the sewing room looks slightly organized and like less of a fire hazard.

On my latest dive into the scrap heap it became obvious that I could cram no more into those drawers (except yellow…must buy more yellow fabrics…) and something must be done.  Step #1 in Scrapdown 2016:  A postage stamp quilt.

I’m combining the postage stamp and checkerboard tutorials from one of my favorite blogs, Red Pepper Quilts, to make my postage stamp quilt.  Most of my scraps are shorter in length, so I’m using the 2″ x 7″ strip size and using white strips to break up all that color from my rainbow of scraps.

I spent the better part of Monday and half of Tuesday just cutting scraps:


And half of Tuesday and all of this morning chain piecing strips together:


And I’m still not done. I keep having to go back and cut more white strips to pair up with all those scraps.  I think I had about 430 colored strips to start, so once these are all joined into blocks I may have enough for a HUGE quilt or a few small ones.  This project is all about using up the scraps, not the size of the end result.

I wish I could say that my scrap bins were empty now, but the best I can tell you is that most of the drawers now close without too much stuffing.   And I have a lovely pile of strip blocks waiting to be cut and pieced into postage stamp blocks.


More updates on this project and more scrap projects soon!