Vintage Holiday Twins

When browsing my local quilt shop this Fall, I came across a kit for the Vintage Holiday quilt pattern using In From the Cold fabrics on sale for a great price.  I couldn’t resist.  Well, maybe I could have.  But I didn’t.

It turns out that it was an even better buy than I’d originally planned.  When I got a good look at the pattern and included fabrics I realized that, with a little supplementing from my own stash, I could make TWO quilts!   And so the twins were born:


Wait…that doesn’t look like two quilts.  Yep.  I am an idiot.  I made two, but forgot to photograph the second one!


The second was exactly the same as the first, but that green backing that you see peeking at the edge of the picture above was the border fabric for the twin version.  One red, one green.

This was a great pattern and this collection of fabrics worked really well with it.  The extra red and green used in the outer borders was fabric purchased at Jo-Anns.  I should have thought twice about that – the red ran, even with color catchers – but with a second run through the wash all came out fine in the end.  I’m not a fabric pre-washer, but I need to start doing it with my reds, I think.  Especially when they’re not super high end.

I got adventurous and practiced a little free-motion quilting on these:


They were sent off to their new owners just before Christmas and so far, there are no rumors of re-gifting!  I liked these so much, I was tempted to keep one.  Maybe someday I’ll even make one for us.



2 thoughts on “Vintage Holiday Twins

  1. Gorgeous quilt Meg and thank you for the comment on the Iolani Palace post! I hope you get to visit here one day, the quilt was BEYOND beautiful! I can’t wait to look that book up you read as well. Thank you, we are super excited to meet our little lady too;)

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