Halloween Decor

Halloween is not a holiday I tend to go all out for. First of all, I hate how the horror industry has stolen it from little kids and made it terrifying for them. Have you seen what some people do to their yards and houses to make them “festive” for impressionable young kids to stop by for candy??? Seriously people!

Nope, you’re never going to see severed heads decorating my front porch, but I do have a family room in need of some improving.

We have only been in our new house for  about 2 months and we only just got the family room furniture delivered last week, so I had been procrastinating about what to do with our mantle.  I’d just let the unhung pictures and mirrors lean up against the fireplace and moved on to something else.  Thankfully, our friends came to visit from Texas and I HAD to do something to make it presentable before they came.  Rather than commit to permanent decor, I decided to use what I had or could get on the cheap and go seasonal.


Some creepy gauze fabric, lanterns and bat vinyl wall stickers from Target (under $10 for all) were paired up with old kids art frames (bought about a decade ago from PB Kids) and some candle sticks (also about 10 years old – Target clearance) and I had a start.

I thought about buying pumpkins – either paper mache or real – but thriftiness got the better of me and I dug into the fabric stash and onto Pinterest.   Here’s what I came up with:IMG_0008IMG_0006IMG_0007

Reusable pumpkins made with fabric from my stash.  I started with this tutorial and made some changes.  Once I’d made one pumpkin according to the tutorial, I started playing with the size and scale of the pumpkins so I’s have some short and fat and others tall and narrower.  I like the variety.  I also played around with the stems, making some curly to give them a little spunk.  I really love how they look on an old tea stand I’ve just inherited from my grandmother.


I’ll get to enjoy these for a few more days and then I guess I’ll have to pack them away for next year and actually think of something to do with my mantle!

Happy Halloween!