Travel Sewing

We’re finally getting down to our last weeks before our big move back to the States.  This has meant lots of errands, paperwork and closet cleaning.   In addition to move business, it’s almost the end of the school year, and we have Bink’s high school graduation around the corner.  Other than fixing some loose draping on a prom gown, I haven’t had much chance to sew or knit anything.  If Handsome sees me working on a project this close to the move, he just gets wiggy, so it’s not worth it.  This our 10th move in 20 years and yet I still can’t seem to convince him that we could do this in our sleep.

Today I snuck in one teeny bit of crafting.  You see, any time we are traveling anywhere I am always thinking about what I am going to bring to DO.  I can’t stand sitting on a plane or in a car for hours just watching movies or reading.  This summer will be all about traveling by car and plane, so I need to plan for that, right?

I will pack some small knitting projects, probably socks, but I hate the idea of not getting to play with fabric until all of our household goods and the sewing machine show up again in August or September.  Thankfully, I’ve got lots of work to do on this English Paper Piecing project:


I just needed a way to keep it organized and portable for a car or plane seat.  I probably should have stuffed it all into a ziplock freezer bag and gotten back to cleaning out the junk drawer, but that’s no fun!  So after a little internet searching and a few hours of sewing I have this:

PicMonkey Collage


This little kit holds just what I’ll need to work on the journey.  I plan to stuff some more uncut fabric and work already done in my suitcase to replenish as needed.  This project came from a great tutorial by lots of pink here!  It was quick and easy to follow – thanks loph!  I used three fat quarters from the Waterfront Park fabric collection by Violet Craft.  Thankfully, I have plenty of scraps leftover to use in another project – I love that fabric!

Wonder what that dark  background is in the pictures?  Handsome finally finished (maybe with some help from the wood shop guy) my sewing table just in time for Mother’s Day.


It was worth the two-year wait!  This is a work of art.  It has drawers for all my sewing stuff and a cupboard that holds my smaller Brother sewing machine.  My Janome sits on a hydraulic lift, and when it sinks down under the table and the whole thing folds up into a cabinet.  I just love it.  Pretty cool, eh?



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