True Confessions

I have been bad.  Very Bad.  I have more fabric than one person could use in about a decade of daily sewing, and I live in the land of cheap fabric.  And yet, I ordered this: Fox_Field_large

It’s Tula Pink’s Fox Field fabric and I just couldn’t resist.  Looook the colors are so pretty!   And the patterns are adorable…


I just love each collection Tula Pink designs.  Full of color and fun but not childish.  I wish I could get them here in Korea at Happy Quilt, but I have never seen any Tula Pink in all my shopping, even though it is made here.  Must be in the super-secret 4th warehouse – I only just made it to the 3rd on my last visit, and only because I followed Missie who brought gift booze to the owners!

If it justifies my spending even a little, I do have a project in mind for this.  I usually make quilts to be USED.  By used I mean snuggled, wrapped around people, and drooled on.  I think this is fabric to drool over not on, so this time I’m going to make a quilt for hanging.  I’ve been wanting to make a color wheel quilt for a while and it just so happens that Tula’s website has a free pattern (thanks, TP!!!) :


Isn’t that fun and gorgeous?  It’s called Moxie, and I must have some if I think I can get away with this fabric secret buy.  Let’s not mention it to Handsome, okay?  Shhhh, We’ll just let him admire the finished quilt hanging on a wall of the new house in DC and think I got the fabric on the cheap.  And, yes – I know – if I buy any more fabric I will not be able to afford a house to fit it all in! 🙂

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