Paper Piecing Progress? Perhaps.

With the end of the Olympics my TV viewing has tapered off, and so, I have to admit, has my pace on my EPP project.  I did get quite a bit done in those couple of weeks, though…


I am still working on it in the evenings sometimes, just not at the same pace.  I decided that while I love the Sprockets quilt layout from A Few Scraps, I didn’t want quite so much negative space in my project.  I’m kinda crazy about that rainbow of Kaffe Fassett fabrics and wanted them to have the most visual impact, so I’ve gone with a simpler layout.

photo 1

There is something very satisfying in hand sewing all of these little diamonds.  Sometimes it’s nice to sit in a comfy chair instead of at the machine and these really do go quickly.  Because I started off making so many of the colored pieces, I have a lot of catching up to do to make enough of the black diamonds!  That’s a little more boring and black fabric is so much harder on the eyes.  I feel like an old granny squinting at my stitches even while using two lamps!

photo 4

I’m still not sure how big this will get.  I’m thinking I’ll just keep adding on until it looks like I’m going to run out of fabrics (or patience) and then see where I am.  I’m just enjoying the process on this one, not worrying about the product.

I did find a fabric yesterday that I think might be a nice backing, but I could only get 2 yards so it will have to be combined with something else:


Wouldn’t this have made an awesome backing for this quilt?  If only I had found it sooner!

Linking up this piecey goodness to the In Hand link party at Splish, Splash Stash.

splish splash stash

7 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Progress? Perhaps.

  1. These are absolutely beautiful. I can see how those black diamonds would be a pain to stitch. Reading glass are my best friend when it comes to handwork! I’m enjoying looking around your blog.


  2. I really love your choice of fabrics. The use of black as a neutral is wonderful, it really makes all of the colours sing. It’s going to be really stunning when finished. I’m loving the Benartex Fabric. I will make a fabulous quilt back.


  3. the diamond stars are a great choice! I hear you about the black diamonds being harder to slug through after all the color. lol! but it looks so good all put together. that checkered fabric will be great for the backing, even if only a bit of it. maybe if you check on etsy, you can find some more – if you decide you really need it. that usually works for me.


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