Sewing for the Gold: Olympic Craftiness

As long as it’s not curling, I love the winter Olympics.  Two weeks of watching people get to live their dream and do their best.  It’s inspiring and it’s almost worth Bob Costas’ nightly “this is the most epic moment in the history of sport” commentary :).  However, I can’t stand to sit in front of the TV and just watch.  I have to be doing something else at the same time or I get twitchy.  I have even been known to knit in a darkened movie theater.  Enter my Olympic English Paper Piecing Project (OEPPP for short).

Inspired by this pretty project, I am hand-sewing lots of little paper pieced diamonds in the hopes of having a finished quilt top sometime soon.


For now I’m just making diamonds. Lots and lots and lots of diamonds.  I’ll work the final quilt layout out eventually, but I’m still mulling it over.  Not sure if I will go with the Sprocket design or something else, but here’s what the Sprocket layout looks like (I like how it pops on the dark background):


These fun colorful fabrics are all by Kaffe Fasset and were a gift from my friend Missie.  Last week she let me come over and raid her beautiful fabric stash.  It was like Christmas and I came home loaded down with pretty fabric.  She’s coming over this week to shop my fabric cupboards.  I hope she won’t be disappointed – it’s pretty hard to compete with her fabric collection!

I’m having lots of fun making all these little rainbow diamonds and Peanut is having fun arranging them into stars and flowers and telling me which fabric she wants me to use next.  She’s also asking loads of important difficult questions like “Where’s Lichtenstein?” and “Why does Vladimir Putin make you gag like that, Mommy?”.  Ahhh, family time.

Oh, and I must be clairvoyant in my project and fabric choice:

This is the Olympic staff uniform.  Get a look at those diamond rainbow patchwork sleeves.  Here’s hoping the quilt comes out a wee bit less crazy!

Update:  Just joined the In Hand EPP Link Party!

splish splash stash

5 thoughts on “Sewing for the Gold: Olympic Craftiness

  1. Love your diamonds! The colors are great and they really do look like the Olympic gear. I too am enjoying watching but I have to tape and fast forward through the commentary. It makes me crazy! Love the skaters the most. Happy sewing! K


  2. epp and winter olympics sounds like a great combo! and I think your diamonds are going to look a lot better than that crazy staff outfit! your project may look like a nod to it, but it’s a vast improvement, in my book. =) love the sprocket design.

    thanks for linking up with “in hand”. hope to see you there regularly.


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