A Bit of Spring

I’ve just started the Color Intensive workshop at Stitched In Color  and it’s already blowing my mind a bit.  I really struggle with choosing and combining colors.  Perhaps that’s why I love a rainbow palette so much – just throw them all in a you can’t go wrong, right?

Hopefully this class will help me get a bit more sophisticated with my choices.  It’s an uphill battle.

Our “homework” was to create a color mosaic that feels like Spring to us using fabrics from Fabricworm.  When I think of Spring the first color I identify with it is that intense yellow-green that new shoots have.  When you look at it outside of nature, it almost feels too intense to be real.  Beyond that shade, Spring makes me think of fresh blue sky, damp turned earth, and a sunny warm peachy-pink, though I can’t identify how exactly it appears in my perception of Spring.  Flowers?  Cheeks in a Spring breeze?    I tried to put some of those emotions into my two palettes:

Sprouts and Sky

Sprouts and Sky


New Growth

New Growth

Like I said – I’m struggling a bit.  We’ll see how I am at the end of the class!

Speaking of things Spring-y (since I am getting sick of chilly gray Seoul winter) how about some Spring Cleaning?

Look!  I found my sewing machine!

Look! I found my sewing machine!

After my last post, I thought I owed it to myself to record the untrashed version of the craft porch, in the hopes of restoring a smidge of dignity.  🙂


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