Hello, Old Friend.

Working on the Vintage Quilt Revival Block-Along got me thinking about another project that has been sitting in my closet for way too long:

Craftsy 2012 BOM

Back in the beginning of 2012,  I joined Craftsy’s free quilting Block-of-the-Month class.  It’s taught by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock.  Amy is a great teacher and just seems like an all around sweet human being.  She also manages to do this while raising 4 tiny adorable kids and looking fab.  She’s probably 15 years younger than I am, but I’d like to be her when I grow up anyway.

At the time I really knew ZERO about quilting.  I’d made some garments and bags – not all that well – but I’d never quilted.  I couldn’t really see the point of chopping up fabric only to sew it all back together.  I also detest just about everything “country” (apologies to Tim McGraw, Honey Boo Boo, and Civil War re-enacters everywhere).  I definitely saw quilting as brown calico and Little House on the Prairie (okay, I do love LHOTP, just not as home decor).

My attitude changed because I now lived in Korea, the magical land of inexpensive designer cotton broadcloth.  It was all so pretty and colorful and much of it was modern and fun and funky – and dirt cheap!  In the States 2 yards would set you back $16-24.  Here in Korea two yards is $6.  I couldn’t not quilt. I tried just making bags and pillows, but eventually I gave in and that free Craftsy class is why.  It took traditional blocks and put a modern spin on them.

I worked my way through 9 months of the year-long series, waiting eagerly for the first of the month when the next class would be posted, and then came October and curved piecing and well, that quilt is still not finished.  [Note: It’s a little-known fact that Drunkard’s Path quilt blocks are so called because you should not attempt them on fewer than 3 glasses of wine…].  I “squirreled”.  There were other, newer, easier projects calling my name.  It was too easy to procrastinate on that BOM quilt.

I’ve decided to get back to work on those 4 remaining blocks and get that quilt finished.  I  picked the colors because yellow is Bink’s favorite.  I’d like her to be able to snuggle up in it soon.

I’m off to the cutting mat.  Here are a few of my favorite finished blocks thus far:

PicMonkey Collage

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