So help me, Mittens…

Miss Peanut got a new winter jacket this year and her matchy-matchy lovin’ momma just had to order her a cute owl hat and scarf and mittens that would coordinate with it.  There is a terrible guilt that you feel as a knitter ordering these items, mass-produced (Gasp!) and made in – dare we say it – acrylic yarn (Horrors!).  It sets you up for a whole winter of knitterly and non-knitterly friends saying “Did you make those? How cute,” only to eye you with disdain when you admit that the Children’s Place was having a bitchin’ sale, and well, the colors matched, and you’re really too busy to knit all those…

The disgust of your friends is minor, however, to your self-loathing when, a week into mitten season your second grader informs you that she has lost said cute acrylic owly mitten and that her left hand is now cold.  You should have known.  Didn’t she loose those cute matchy Gymboree gloves with the fingers knit like hand puppets that you bought to go with last year’s coat???  Perhaps next year you should just mail your credit card to the over-priced children’s garment industry and save the environmental impact of packaging and shipping the soon-to-be lost hand warmer.  Maybe they would be willing to just mail you just one mitten instead of two to start things off right?

Well, sigh, that left hand was not going to warm itself.  So into the stash and onto Ravelry I go to create these:

Mitten Collage

In a few hours from leftover (= FREE) yarn and the Pine Needle Mitten pattern, Peanut has not one, but TWO warm hands once more.

And, yes, they match the coat.

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