Santa’s Little Sweatshop

Well, the Bazaar is finally over!  It was fun making all that stuff, but it got a little hairy trying to finish it all at the end.  Wanna see what it looked like?

SAHS CollageI made most, but not all of the handcrafts pictured.  My friends and fellow PTSO moms,  Missie and Jennifer, made some beautiful pillows, coasters, tote bags, tissue pouches and Army ornaments to sell and my friend Kathy knit those two beautiful adult hats (cranberry and green) pictured near the striped baby hats.  Bink snapped up the cranberry one before we even opened and has been looking fetching ever since!  We also had donations of “regifted” items like picture frames.

 We had a very successful weekend at our little tables, making over $1300 for the school!  I was very flattered by how many people asked me if I had a card and if I took orders (I even got a hat order today).  Most of our stock sold on Saturday and we marked very little down at the end of the day on Sunday.  I can never quite guess which things are going to be the biggest sellers, but I’m getting better at predicting.  I guess all that crafting was worth it, but now I have to clean up all that mess I made on the dining table!

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