Elf Yourself

More progress on items for the school bazaar.  This is the last weekend to work on things, so it’s a messy marathon in my house and I’m answering every question/request from the kids with “Go ask Daddy.”

In the quest for more tree ornaments, I went to Dongdaemun for supplies and spent Thursday evening and a good part of Friday working on these:

Image Image 1 Image 3 Image 4

It’s like my very own Santa/Gnome army!  I found the pattern here and just loved it.  The hand stitching part took a little longer than I thought it would and stuffing them in the middle of sewing took some practice to perfect make passable.  I could get about 12 ornaments out of each sheet of felt (about 12×15″) and I have lots left over.  If I survive the next week, I’d like to go back and make a batch for our own tree.  Of course, if they don’t sell, I’ll have 36 of them to hang on our tree!



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