Saving the Planet, One Cupcake at a Time

I’ve been working on my first tutorial for a little knitting project I’ve been doing:


Voila, the K-cup Cupcake Ornament.  Earth shattering, no?  Sigh.  I know, another knitted cupcake.  There are loads of adorable versions already on Ravelry.  I made one as a pincushion here a few years ago.  Actually, it was in looking over my Ravelry notebook that I remembered that cute, fun, and easy-to-make pincushion.  I’ve been in whirlwind of crafting for the upcoming holiday bazaar and trying to come up with cute and easy tree ornaments.  So I thought, what if I scale it down, put a hanger on it and bedazzle it with beads instead of pearl head pins?  I could make them fast (turns out about 35 min. each)!  I could use up yarn and beads I already have!  [Editor’s Note: Wha’?  Starting a project without ordering more new yarn?  That’s not like you…]  This could be great!

And then I was struck with my most brilliant flash.  What if , to help them hold their shape, – wait for it – I recycled an empty k-cup from our Keurig coffee machine!!  I know you’re thinking: crackpot genius!  I am an eco-goddess and this totally makes up for my V6 engine that needs an oil change!  I hate throwing out one of those cups each time I make coffee, but I love the Keurig machine.  The coffee is great, and I never throw out a half-full pot anymore.  We make a fairly endless supply of used k-cups around here, and Handsome has even begun carting them home from the office, too.  I can only imagine what kind of freak-show hoarders the co-workers must think we are!

Since I had to make up the pattern for this and keep track of it, I figured I’d make it into a tutorial to post here.  It’s nearly done, but needs a few pics in better light.  Hopefully, instructions will be up soon and the whole world can begin hoarding dirty, used k-cups!  Surely, I have done my bit to save the planet.  Eat your heart out, Al Gore.

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