Pillow Talk

Goodness!  Where did October go?  I have been buried in chaos it would seem.  I’ve been trying to carve out time to craft, but it never seems like enough.  Peanut’s birthday took time to celebrate.  A gal doesn’t turn 8 every day.  I also had to take a two or three day break from Bazaar crafting to make a rabbit costume for Peanut for Halloween.  The pictures are on Handsome’s phone so, I’ll have to save the trauma of sewing with curly minky fabric for another post.  Let me just hint that my house looked more like a cat groomer’s during the process, and I’m still picking it off of the furniture!

Now, as for Bazaar crafting, that’s going to take a few posts to catch up on.  So lets start:

The spouses club here on base closed its gift shop a few months back.  Before they did they had a massive sale where I bought dozens of pillow forms for about 50 cents apiece.  Then a few weeks ago, my friend Jennifer called to tell me they were donating several more bags of leftover pillows to me to use for the Bazaar.  When life gives you pillow forms you make pillows.  Lots of pillows!

Throw pillows

Throw pillows

And more throw pillows...

And more throw pillows…

And more throw pillows!

And more throw pillows!

I toyed around with ways to use them up and make them more fun and sale-able.  Last year my paper-pieced penguin and snowman pillows from here were snapped right up, but they are time consuming and there’s no way I could make dozens of them.  The PTSO also quickly sold out of the 20 pillows I made for them last Spring using up their extra t-shirts.  I wanted something quick and fun that people would want to buy even if it didn’t necessarily go with their decor.  Hence the sarcastic pillow is born.  I used some of my favorite witty (I hope) sayings and inkjet printable fabric.  It’s the first time I’ve used printable fabric and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  It’s fairly expensive per sheet and you have to follow the directions to set the ink.  In my case this involved washing and line drying the sheets after printing.  Each pillow only uses an little of the printable fabric, so I could get 3-4  per sheet and it was fun to play around with different fonts.  I still have several more to do.  Let’s hope they sell!

I also shipped off my very first round of blocks for the Believe Circle of do. Good Stitches.  I was so excited to join the group because I’ve admired their work on other blogger’s posts for a while.  Our finished quilts go to My Very Own Blanket which donates quilts to children in foster care.  Apparently, they get way more girly quilts than ones for boys, so this month was a block that will hopefully appeal to the dudes:

October Blocks for do. Good Stitches Believe Circle

October Blocks for do. Good Stitches Believe Circle

It was a fun and fast way to share a little love in the world.  I hope it will eventually make some boy feel special.   I can’t wait to see the finished quilt or next month’s assignment!

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