Neckwear Galore!

Not much posting, but a fair amount of crafting going on here in the past week.

First off, I’ve been experimenting with the 32″ Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom and my ginormous stash of leftover fingering weight yarns.  I had previously used Fingering weight Noro  to make a scarf on the 7.5 dent reed.  The resulting fabric was pretty and very open:

IMG_0933 IMG_0936

But temptation got the better of me and I ordered a 12.5 dpi reed to try with the sock yarns.  I’ve read various other posts about whether to use a 10 dent or 12 dent reed with sock yarns and I went with the 12.5.  I like the results:

Knit Picks Stroll and Ester Bitran Canela

Knit Picks Stroll, Plymouth Happy Feet, & Ester Bitran Canela


Closer look at the weave, but the color is true in the first pic

This was woven in a 12.5 reed.  The warp is a combination of Plymouth Happy Feet leftover from this, Knit Picks Stroll leftover from here, and a skein of Canela that I bought 2 years ago in a sale without any clue what I would do with it.  The warp is all Canela.  I love the texture of this weave and the fact that it used up what seemed like pointless stash in such a pretty way.  It’s soft and chic.  I think I am going to gift it, but it’s kinda hard to part with it!

I also have a massive collection of Knit Picks Palette leftover from other projects.  It turns out that I really love the definition it gives to weaving:

IMG_0977 IMG_0978

The Palette scarf is soft enough to wear , but feels more durable than luxurious as it’s 100% Highland Wool.  This was so fun to weave.  I love herringbone – so easy to make – and my head is swimming with ideas of making fabric to make a cover for my 31 Bags Skirt Purse…..  Need.  More. Time.

So if all that weaving wasn’t enough neckwear goodness, I have finished some more padded camera straps to sell at the bazaar:

A bevy of lovely camera straps!

A bevy of lovely camera straps!

I used this nice tutorial from {lbg studio} as my inspiration.  After making a prototype, I found that I needed to make some modifications at least so it would work with my Cannon DLR.  The finished pocket was too small to hold the lens cap for my camera, and the batting was shifting .  I used lighter batting cut shorter at the ends and a 3/8″ seam allowance (tried 1/4″, and that worked but the finished strap was wider than necessary).  I also cut the batting to the width of the piece so I could catch it in my stitching and then trimmed it to the seam allowance to reduce the bulk before turning it right side out and topstitching.  Once I worked out a method that gave me the result I needed, these sewed up quickly and are really cute.

Camera Ready

Today was a Town Hall Meeting with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Dempsey and his wife.  Interesting, but it sounds more impressive than it was.  He was running late so we all sat in the auditorium for an hour + waiting.  They didn’t even let me bring in my purse so I couldn’t knit while waiting! 😦  I was getting a little twitchy from craft withdrawal.

I did manage to squeeze in one tiny sewing project this morning though:

IMG_0956 IMG_0955

A prototype padded patchwork camera strap cover for the school bazaar.  I love the little pocket for the lens cap and they really do fix the way the regular camera strap digs into your neck.   Now that I’ve worked through how to make one, I think I’ll crank out a few more when I get the chance.