A Project a Day

I see those knitting bags that say things like “I knit so I don’t kill people” and I couldn’t agree more.  If I’m not crafty, I get cranky, so I need a little crafting every day like some people need chocolate. Oh, hell.  Who am I kidding?  I need the chocolate, too.  And some coffee.  Definitely coffee.  And, of course, iced tea…

Anyhow, lately I’m spinning my crafting wheels a little bit.  In yesterday’s post I talked about getting the fabulous new sewing machine and rigid heddle loom last week for my birthday.  I should be in a frenzy of creativeness, no?  Instead I think I have CDD: Craftention Deficit Disorder.  So many projects, so little time.  Where’s a girl to start?

There are about 5 pieced quilt tops waiting to be quilted, these two among them:

Image 13 Image 3

About 20 knitting works in progress including the home stretch (read: working on the *%$#ing sleeves!) on these two:

Irish Moss by Alice Starmore

Autumn’s End pattern by Alana Dakos

Then there are weaving projects, and the seemed-like-a great-idea-at-the-time upcycled Italian book page mirror I started, and all the things I need to be making for the PTSO Bazaar…sigh.  You see how it goes.  I spent all last weekend’s free time bouncing between everything and finishing nothing.

Today, I decided I needed to start and finish just one little thing to get myself back on track.  Here’s what I came up with:

Image 1 Image 4 Image 5

It’s the Do-It-Yourself Totebag from a panel manufactured by See Me Sew for My Mind’s Eye.  They sell them as kits in the States, but I got 2 panels for $6 here in Korea at Happy Quilt (more on the wonder that is Korean fabric shopping some other day…).    I added some batting and quilted the outside just to give it some oomph.  No one likes a floppy tote bag and by no one, I of course, mean me.  I definitely do not need another tote bag, so this will go in the box of crafts to sell at the school Bazaar, but it just felt so good to get something done for a change.

Now maybe if I can just bite off one project a day, I’ll keep the cranky away.

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